Saturday, February 16, 2013

Single Crochet Border

You can add a Single Crochet Border to anything, be it knitting or crochet.  In my video I am working with a small garter stitch swatch that I knit.

I started a couple of stitches away from my corner, then began working a single crochet into each stitch.  The corners require a little something extra to help the fabric lay flat.  To work your way around the corners, all you need to do is work three single crochets into the same corner stitch. When you make it back to your starting point, just join the round with a slip stitch into your first single crochet of the round.  Cut the yarn and weave in the tails.  Or, you can continue working in rounds of single crochet for a wider border.


  1. When you knitted the garter stitch swatch, what cast on and cast off method did you use? Also when you said you slipped the the first stitch in each row how did you do that, because I tried it and it looks nothing like the swatch.

    1. I just did the standard long tail cast on,, standard bind off,, and here is info on slipping the first stitch -